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Taceinsensa Whittier-Bacchus
The hair of golden wheat fields
The eyes of burning emeralds
The thin, starved body of a beggar
The mind of gold
And the heart of a diamond
Her face may have been beautiful
Now, it's cold, hard with unresolved fury.
Her body, tall and thin,
Perhaps could a model make?
If she ever ate
Intelligence of a scholar
She only made it to ninth grade
But she was the brightest of her class
Her heart is made of Diamond
Cold, hard cut, impossible to mar
Hatred was the heat
Persecution was the mold
A flawless diamond was then created
It's clear, yet the light distorted
So all images inside are hardly defined
Although this stone may not be marred
By such things as sticks and stones
Knifes or hammers
And other weapons
Although this may be
Diamonds can still burn
:iconravenc:RavenC 2 12
Music our bridges and chasims
Music reaches the world
The styles change, the lyrics change
But in the end, the world listens to a tune
Songs are bridges
Which span the divide
Set between our hearts
But oddly, it also adds more too
They like rap
They square dance to country
They're metal heads
While they jam to reggae
Oddly enough, change the tune
Change the wording,
Change the lead singer
And the same song the rappers love
The metal heads enjoy
Perform the same dissection
Country kids start singing the tune
Music lets us understand each other
Through simple verse and rhyme
ButÖ music also creates chasms
We're loosing each other to different styles
:iconravenc:RavenC 0 3
Lover left, deal
Lover left
Family hates you
No one seems to care
Perhaps you'll live alone and crying.
Get a grip.
Put your 'grown up' undies on
Tomorrow's going to come, like it or not
Shut up.
Being depressed ain't gonna help.
No one is alone.
You have friends,
You don't need a lover to be in company
You can't be alone.
Not with so many people on earth
Depression doesn't help
Your backlash from the relationship rollercoaster,
Forget it, it'll heal.
Get on the ride again,
Conquer it, master it
And one day, you'll be sitting on it with a lover again
:iconravenc:RavenC 0 7
Pen and Paper in my hand
Pen and paper in my hand,
Thoughts begin to pour
Memories of recent things
Burn my mind, scorch my eyes
She wounded me badly,
Months ago, but it seems to be only days
The thought of her still sets
The pins in my chest aflame
The coldness she showed me,
The burning hate she gave,
For a while, I thought, I'd grown immune,
But it's all coming back to me now
Now, she's doing it again,
But now, it's not me
She slashes at my dear friend's heart,
And mine, it withers in the heat.
My eyes fight the tears again,
Wondering if this pain will be shared again
Will that girl slice again?
Will she rip the soul out of another friend?
Now is sit,
Pen and paper in my hand,
Tears burning my eyes,
But chilling my shirt, where they fall
:iconravenc:RavenC 1 11
Mature content
My first decent horror piece :iconravenc:RavenC 2 9
That's fine
My time of silence is over
The time for crying is gone
I won't give myself any more empty promises
I'll stop listening to music, any all its deceiving angst
I'll open my eyes, and show myself a world of truth
And this will be the world it ought to be.
I've seen through love's illusions and seen the danger,
But now, that doesn't matter at all.
I'll turn my head from the bleak shadows
Throw away my black hair dye,
And the knives once I used on my wrists
I've gotten rainbows of colors to bring life back
Miracles won't happen, unlessÖ
Unless you make them happen
I'll turn and face the east, the sun rising in my face
Smiling, because I'm not alone, unless I make myself
These broken wings won't fly anymore
But who cares? I'll make myself a new pair, and soar again
My life is my fault, I've finally realized
And this time, I finally knowÖ
That's fine.
:iconravenc:RavenC 0 7
Angel for Baka-Mamushi
Angel, angel
On the ground
Angel, angel
To weak to hide his wings
Getting drenched by the rain
Shiver, shiver,
Nowhere to go
Shiver, shiver
Too cold to think
Splash, splash
Little footsteps come running
Splash, splash
Little boy takes the angel by the hand
And leads him to a drier place.
:iconravenc:RavenC 0 7
How was I made?
Misery, better known as Mahlah, walked awkwardly to God.  She was scared, but not because she was afraid of God; she was afraid of what he might say.
"God," Mahlah spoke softly, "How was I created?"
God smiled gently at the soft spoken woman, and put a hand on her head before saying, "that, my love, is a long story, and if you sit down, I shall tell you."
Mahlah, more terrified than ever, she sat next to God, who followed suit, still smiling.
"So," god began, "you wish to know how you were created."  He stretched out, obviously thinking over what he was going to say, before beginning.
"You and your four siblings were created the same way.  It began during the Second World War, while everyone was bombing everybody else."
Mahlah nodded, she had studied World War Two in her free time.
"There were many people who began to question me." God's eyes glazed over as he began reciting questions, "'how could God let this happen?'  'Where is God when you nee
:iconravenc:RavenC 0 2
Two Women and a Runaway.
A blonde haired, scrappy teenage boy quickly pressed the button to go down on the lift. He tried to look as innocent as he could, as he hid stolen sandwiches in his hood.  He sighed in relief, as the lift moved slowly down.
A few well-dressed white-collars glared at him as they got off.  Unperturbed and used to this treatment, he stepped on, and pressed the lobby button, hoping that no one would come on.  His hope was shattered as the lift came to a stop on the seventh floor.
Beverly checked her watch before she stepped on the elevator.  She couldn't afford to be back late to lunch; and she had fifty three minutes.  As she stepped on the elevator, she glanced at the young boy who had wedged himself in a back corner, as he was eating his egg-salad sandwich.  She sighed; she'd have to smell that disgusting scent all the way down.  She turned to press the wooden lobby button, and realized she didn't have to.  
:iconravenc:RavenC 0 9
Big Dad by RavenC Big Dad :iconravenc:RavenC 0 5
Wonderful Life
"You're not my friend anymore"
I never realized how much those words hurt
I'm sorry for what I did,
Whatever that was
It's all your choice
And even though it burns so much
And these tears won't stop flowing
In the end, it's fine
I was getting sick of you too
If you ever wish to make up with me
I really don't mind
It's in your hands now
I'll let you decide
And even if I can't watch you grow
I hope you have a wonderful life
If you ever wish to help me pick up my shattered heart
Come along, my old friend
This feels so much like fertilizer,
It's stinks, and feels like crap,
But it's helping me grow stronger
And even though it burns so much,
In the end, it's fine,
I hope you have a wonderful life
:iconravenc:RavenC 0 7
Co-op pic. by RavenC Co-op pic. :iconravenc:RavenC 0 18
Sure, you've had your share of pain
As have I.
Sure, you've felt the burn of a lost love
As have I.
Sure, you've had it rough with your family
As have I.
Sure, you've wanted to die
As have I.
The problem is,
You don't understand.
Sure, your mother yelled,
But did she have a reason?
Of course.
Sure, your friend hurt you,
Do you still think you're the only one?
Of course.
Sure, no one seems to understand,
But you still don't try to explain?
Of course.
Sure, you lost your lover,
But were you too young anyway?
Of course.
Sure, you have so much to worry about,
But do you still take on more?
Of course.
You really don't get it.
The pain is only a little sorrowed talk to what you're going to feel
When you find, you spent your life hurting you and others
For the sake of misunderstanding
I guess you'll grow out of it
You're not 20 yet
Too bad you're hurting me so bad,
I don't know how much more I can handle
With your problems and mine
And you're tendencies of suicide, and blind abhorrence,
The p
:iconravenc:RavenC 2 11
Welcome To My Garden by RavenC Welcome To My Garden :iconravenc:RavenC 1 14 Schatzie And Jeni by RavenC Schatzie And Jeni :iconravenc:RavenC 0 8
Mature content
English Literature Essay :iconravenc:RavenC 0 2



Kiriban at 4000
United States
Current Residence: I'm kinda lost... Do I live here? and if not, will you still feed me?
Favourite genre of music: Anything but Rap, Country, and R+B
Favourite photographer: SAT and Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: My Morpy-kun
Operating System: Windows XP. I swear It's XP for a reason
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media player. It's the only one I can figure out how to make a endless loop
Shell of choice: Turtle!
Wallpaper of choice: I like orange!
Skin of choice: Yuki Sohmas. Nummy... :P
Favourite cartoon character: Yuki Sohma, Sakura Kinomoto, Mimiru...
Personal Quote: You're yourself and thats all you will want to be
Watley is his name, and now he's sucessfully buried him, and no, I didn't help.

Anyway, the reason I freaked so hard is that I found the body.  -...-  Least the maggots didn't get to him yet.  Sadly, he was a FRAGRANT corpse.  I have yet to go back into the garage, (where I found him) but I have recovered, and I hardly have internet anymore.  With hopes, We'll be getting internet and cable at the new house.

Oddly enough, he died on the day we were going to move the pets.  I guess he didn't wanna go. the old fart.  :XD:

I got a new computer, his name is Ophiuchus.  If you guys haven't guessed, I'm trying not to think about the dead mutt.  He's been around about as long as I have been.  *shudders*

Anyway, I shall be online for the weekend, and then back to my solitary confinement at the new house.  



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That, and I just read this: "Favourite photographer: SAT" on your profile.
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